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I introduced myself earlier, but a few people mentioned that they had not seen my first post (comment). So I am creating a blog entry for everyone to see and understand who I am. If you want to see my original post, just scroll through to this morning at 10am.

As promised, I’m back πŸ™‚ hopefully for the better?
Today was a pretty good day in terms of stability. On top of having had no downtime, we have been making progress on creating a more stable database. One thing that did happen last night that did affect your sites for a short period was a DOS attack from Vietnam. If you have any pull with the hacker community out there, ask them to stop.

I’m using the format of putting your name before my response to your question, so let me know if this works for you. If not, let’s change it; I’m open to suggestions.

I was told of the secret Clean up Team but did not know of the code name for it. Yes, I will continue to do this, but wanted to open a discussion about it. The clean up team, for those who don’t know, tried to keep our blog and our forums clean of spam, profanity, and misinformation, among other things. This is something that the support team does quite often in the Support forum at but not so much in the general forum. The main reason is resources. I will and am happy to take on this task, and am going to look for ways to help the community keep the forum clean on their own through moderation tools. Our current forum that run on our App Platform would allow for some moderation by allowing me to set moderators. We have stuck with our old forum for a couple reasons, one of them being that while we scale up our app platform, and while we have instability, the current forum stays online. Same goes with the blog that we use. So, the hours that I work at Webs I work for you guys. If you would like me to spend more time on the clean up project, I am happy to do that or at least discuss the trade-offs. If not, then I will be spending the time in other ways, again for you. “What ways?” you may ask? I hope that will become apparent over time, but it is all related to offering more robust support, relaying your requests and complaints to the proper people, and trying to influence the changes that make us the product you want to use.

The channel numbers and the RSS feature, are independent from the video product, and from each other. All three things, however (among other things), need to be fixed. The channel numbers issue is a reported bug, and on the roadmap to be fixed. It is an application platform element, and given the nature of it, I would not expect it to be fixed for another couple weeks. The RSS feed, on the other hand, I do not see as a reported bug anywhere. Mind sending me a PM on the issue so I can take a look at it? Complaints are welcome. I imagine in time, there will be a site with pictures of me that people have photoshopped with horns or who-knows-what else. I’ll try to give you few reasons for doing that.

Claire (Sapphic Sydney)
Sorry for the past. I know we have neglected this blog for a while, and I do apologize. Need answers to questions you post here? Check in at 10am and 4pm EST and it should be here. From time to time you may notice that you asked something and it didn’t get answered. I’m saying this as a disclaimer and an out for myself, because I want to be honest about two things:

1. I do not know how many questions will come through here and my ability to answer them all, weighed against the other things I will be doing based on your requests
2. I do not want this blog to replace the other avenues we have in place for support. We receive about 10,000 support tickets a month, and handling about 300+ chats a day. I will ask you guys from time to time to use those channels only because, as awesome as I would love to think I am, I know I won’t be able to handle support here.

Now, to your question…
Found the problem πŸ™‚ Fixed the problem. πŸ˜€ Found another problem because of it πŸ™ not gonna share because it’s an exploit :-p But you’re problem should be resolved, and the exploit is so minor, I wouldn’t worry about it.

My bad πŸ™
Glad you informed me of this. I imagine this had something to do with the server issues early last week where we had to restore from backups, but to be honest, I’m not sure. If there is still an issue you would like me to look into, please let me know.

To Everyone
Long post, I know. I’ll try to keep them shorter, and possibly find another format. In the future, look for my replies as a comment and not a new blog post.

Until tomorrow morning, 10am, EST!


ps. My domain…it was a joke when I was testing out the domain product months ago. Take it with a grain of salt πŸ™‚

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