Master Accounts and New UI Released!

As you have probably noticed, things look a little different around here. We’ve made several changes, some cosmetic, some structural to make it easier to navigate and use our services.Also, as promised, you now have access to the new Master Dashboard.

How do you use it? When you go to, instead of logging in with your site’s username and password, login with your WebsID. Your WebsID is an email/password combination and is what you use to join and access your website. (if you don’t have a websID, you can sign up for one by visiting: http://[your site here]

Once you login with your WebsID, you will be presented with the dashboard which lets you see all your sites. There’s also a link for you to attach and bring in other sites you own into your dashboard. As a WebsID user, you can not only edit any site from your dashboard, but you can also easily switch between sites to quickly manage your other sites.
A couple things we plan on adding soon include the ability to change your WebsID email address, as well as the ability to create new websites with your WebsID, without creating a new account. Finally, we want to add the ability to turn members of your sites into “Admins” to allow multiple people to manage your site more fully through the interface.

Hope you enjoy these new features and as always, we look forward to your feedback.

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