Master Accounts and Changes Coming Soon

As you all know, we’ve been talking about “master accounts” (the ability to manage all of your sites from one account) for a long time. We just wanted to let you know that we’re finally close to launching, and we’d also like to update you on how it’s going to work and what’s going to change.

Master accounts are built around WebsIDs. Your WebsID is the unique email/password combination that you use to sign in to your own site, and is different from the username/password combination that you currently use to sign in to

These changes will allow you to sign in to through two methods. You can still sign in with your current username and password to edit your site.

However, you can also choose to sign in with your WebsID, which will take you to a new dashboard.  The dashboard lists out all the sites that you own, and lets you quickly jump in and edit any of them.  It also adds a new dropdown in the upper right corner that lets you easily switch between sites.

It’s worth noting that some of you don’t have a WebsID yet. If this is the case, we highly recommend you create one. The simplest way is to go to your “My Account” page.  If you don’t see a WebsID attached, follow the link there to verify your account email address.

To make these new features possible, we’ve had to make some changes to our site structure. These include, but are not limited to:

  • The four primary sections (Edit Site, Site Promotion, Community, Premium Services) are moving up to the 4 tabs in the upper right of the page.
  • The dark grey secondary navigation bar will then have the subnaviation for each section.
  • “My Account”, since it doesn’t deal with your master account but rather with your specific “site” is being renamed to “Site Settings” and is a subsection of the “Edit Site” tab.
  • “Member Home” (currently the place you land when you login) is getting merged with the Site Manager.  So the stats chart, and activity feed will appear on the Site Manager instead.
  • Site Stats is moving to the “Edit Site” tab for easier access.
  • The Blog is being moved to the “community” section (but we’ll have a short summary on Site Manager”)
  • Several design tweaks are being done to clean up pages and remove some of the more annoying ad spots.

Visit my site for Screenshots

We’ve spent a lot of time working through the details of this project. It’s our hope that this provides you with an easy way to navigate and manage your sites from one central access point. Hope you enjoy it!

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