New calendar updates


As you know, we are going through improvements for each of our apps. We recently updated photos, forums, and webstores. Now its time for a Calendar Update. This new release adds several new and exciting features that have come from your suggestions and requests.

What’s new?

  • RSS feeds: Visitors can now subscribe to your calendar with an RSS feed that shows upcoming events (there’s a new icon at the bottom of your calendar)
  • Event Locations: You can now add a location to each event posted with the option of turning on a link to a Google map for quick directions.
  • Calendar Overlays: You can now choose to overlay some default calendars (examples: national holidays, religious holidays, phases of the moon) on top of your site calendar. This new feature is found in the Calendar Settings. These events added through calendar overlays can be toggled on/off. They are only on the calendar view and do not have event views. You can also import events from any calendar in iCal format.
  • Social Publishing (shared calendars): Your members can now add events to your calendar based on their permissions. You can choose the required membership level for posting one-time and recurring events from the Calendar settings (you can also turn it off from here).

We’ve spent more time on QA this time around and hope you’ve enjoyed the smoother launch. I look forward to your feedback.



PS – one thing we have not yet added is RSVPs for events. This is however something we plan on adding as well.

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