Profiles Update – Friends & Private Messaging

Friends and Private Messages

We’ve pushed out updates for all member profiles today. Now you and your users can add friends and private message each other. To see all the new features, check out a profile on your site – you should see three new sections.

The Main Tab contains a profile summary, a recent activity feed, and a comments section. New to this tab is the actions box that allows you to send the user a message or add them as a friend.

The Info Tab contains a more granular look into a users profile.

The Friends Tab displays all your new friends. You can search and sort your friends based on different criteria, such as “Display Name”, “Recently Added”, and “Random”.

How to start?Go to your site and click on any member profile you like. Don’t have members page added to your site yet? This is an excellent time to add!

Of course, just like with all brand new features we love to hear your thoughts on this release, as it’s been an often requested feature. We’re glad to finally be able to offer it!


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