My Account Updates

My Accoutn Updates

As some of you have noticed, we pushed out an overhauled “My Account” page earlier today. This new version has been reworked from the ground up to provide you with a better way to manage your account data, while simultaneously moving towards our goal (one of many) of allowing you to link together sites you own.

With this revamp, we’ve consolidated some of the Profile features and included new ways to change various properties of your site, such as your “Site Description”, “Site Title”, and “Site Footer”. We’ve also incorporated some new features, like the ability to attach your site to a WebsID. Eventually, you’ll be able to attach multiple sites you own to the same WebsID, and manage them from one central dashboard – a multi-site dashboard, if you will.

If you take a look at the new “My Account”, you’ll notice that there’s no listing of what Premium Services you’re currently subscribed to. They’re still around, though, so don’t freak out – we’ve simply moved them. If you check out the Premium Services page, we’ve transformed it into a one-stop shop for your Premium needs. You can check out what services you’re currently subscribed to, upgrade your Premium package, and read up on some support articles concerning your services.

After the recent Photos R2 launch, we’ve ramped up our quality assurance efforts. The new “My Account” has been battle tested in all the browsers that we support, as well as thoroughly tested in a myriad of account configurations. That said, Murphy’s Law can always come into play, so if you run into any bugs, feel free to file a support ticket or post about them below. We’re always happy to fix problems if they come up!

– Ryan

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