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Hey all, Haroon here.  Just wanted to give you an update on a few things that are now available and several other things we are working on.

First off, as you know, we have launched our new Blog App.  If you are still using the old blog, we highly recommend migrating to the new one as we will no longer be supporting that product after March.  The new blogs have several advantageous features including Categories for your blog entries, sidebar support, and site member support (for commenting and posting).  To migrate your blog, simply edit your current blog and click the link to copy your entries and comments to the new blog.  (Don’t worry, this will not delete your old blog so you can try it without risk).

Next, we’ve made a few adjustments to the Members app.  First, you can now create custom questions (it’s on of the tabs when you click to manage your membership) for your members to complete when signing up for your site.  We’ve also added a two new views for the Members App in addition to the original grid view.  The first, a list view will list out members and their answers to the profile questions.  The second, which is only available for Admins in edit mode is a CSV/Excel file.  So you can now download all of your member data including their answers to any custom questions and import it into Microsoft Excel or Access.  Both of these are available from the icons on the upper right of your Members App.

Couple things we are working on:

1) Speed and stability – Our top priority right now is improving our system stability and speed so your sites load quickly and  reliably and qui
2) Calendar sidebar module – We are working on a “upcoming events” sidebar module that will be generated from events in your calendars
3) Automated notifications – We are working on a system that will automatically send your members a summary of activity on your site.  Your members will be able to choose how often they want to receive an update (instant, daily, or weekly).  And of course if you don’t want your members to get automated notifications, you will be able to turn this feature off.
4) Master accounts – We recognize that many of you have built or will someday build more than one website.  So we are working on a system to let you manage your different sites with one login (Your Webs ID), all from one place.  That way, you will no longer need to logout and login to each different site manually to manage them.  More details on this to come.

Ok I think that’s it for now!  Feel free to leave your comments and also visit my forum.

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