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Sidebars are here and ready for you to add to your site. What’s the benefit?  Sidebars are an easy way to show people what’s new without having to do any work. They automatically update themselves with the latest content, such as photos, videos, or forum posts, that have been added to your site.

How it works: You turn the sidebar app on, select the modules you like, choose where they will display (homepage and/or other pages), and you’re done.  That’s it!

There are six modules available now, and more will be coming soon.  Here’s the current list: (you can see them all live here).

  • Sign In / Register.  An important module for allowing members or visitors to sign in or register across your entire site.
  • Recent Photos.  Do you have a Photo Gallery?  This module updates with the most recent photos added to your site in any album.
  • Recent Videos.  With the Recent Videos module, your members can see the latest videos added on your site, as well as the number of views and comments on each.
  • Recent Forum Posts.  Have an active forum?  Add the forums module to display all recent posts as well as who submitted them.
  • Recent Members.  Have an active community?  Add the Recent Members module and member pics will appear as people join your site.
  • Featured Products.  Have a Web Store?  Add the Featured Products module to display products available in your store.
  • Custom Module.  Looking to display a message across your site?  Maybe an About Me or About Us section?  You can do that by clicking on the “Add a new Module” button.

Once you’ve added the modules you want, you can set the order you desire, edit the name of each module, remove ones you no longer need, or turn sidebars off completely.

How to get started?  Go to SiteBuilder and click on the “Manage Sidebars” tab in the upper right corner.  You can also go here.


P.S. – For the time being, you will need to add new content to each of your apps in order to get the corresponding module control to appear on the sidebar management page. For example, you will need to add new photos to your gallery in order to get the control for the Recent Photos module to appear on the sidebar management page.

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