Sneak Peek on New Name, New Logo, New Look

Hello everyone,

This is Haroon, the CEO and founder of Freewebs.  First off, I want to express how excited I am about all the new features we are releasing and the incredibly creative ways in which you are all using them.  From membership and profiles, to forums and videos, we are seeing an explosion of member activity on sites.  Before the end of year, membership activity will expand to blogs, photo galleries, and guestbooks.

While your sites and your communities are growing and evolving, so too are we.  As part of our growth and focus beyond simple sitebuilding to rich applications and community building features, we have decided to formally change the name of our service from Freewebs to just simply, Webs.  And, we’re adding a tagline.  Grow a site, grow a community.

Why the change?

When we began Freewebs, we focused on making websites easy to build for everyone.   Today, we focus on making it easy to build a website and a community around that website.  Changing the name to helps emphasize the “webs” that connect us all together and make everything more meaningful, over the fact that we are “free”.  (Plus, its a nice short URL )

Will our services still be free?

Of course!  We are and will continue to be dedicated to offering our services for free with additional premium features for paying members.

What if my URL has in it?

No problem.  Your URL will not change at all, and you can continue using your Freewebs URL as long as you want.  If you want to switch to a URL as your primary address, you can do so in the My Account section.  Either way, your Freewebs URL will continue to work.

So when you see the new logo and homepage, don’t worry, we are still and always will be the same great service you have all come to know.  We also have a bunch of new features launching as well, you’ll hear about those soon.  Here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming.  [LINK]



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