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Members with profiles, members who comment (and can also delete comments), members who post to your forum.  Now, what about members adding videos to your site?  Or photos?  Or blog posts?  Or members who can moderate the site blog?  All things to come.  First up, members posting videos to your site.

In May we added the Video App to Freewebs, and in September we added the Members App.  Today, we’re bringing them together with a Video App upgrade that rolls in members posting.

New features and changes include:

Streamlined Channels Display. Channels now appear in a drop-down menu at the top of your Video Gallery.  No more scrolling to find the channel you want to view.

Two Views. One view’s not enough, so how about two?  The icons on the left allow your visitors to choose a list view [LINK] or grid (gallery) view [LINK].  You can set the default view under Manage Settings found on the Video Gallery.

Search. Find the video you want without scrolling through all the videos.  For now, the search is on video name and description, not on member name or date posted.  That will come later.

Members and Videos. Just one of the many ways that your members can contribute to your site. Here’s a run down of the new members features on on the Video App.

  • Members contribute videos. Your members, if you grant them permission, may post videos to the channels you’ve set up.   For now, posting is limited to embedding a Video URL from anywhere on the Web, as well as searching Youtube.  Members uploading videos directly to your site will come in the future.
  • Moderators manage channels. Your moderators, if you grant them permission, may manage channels and the videos posted by your members.
  • You (the site owner) manage your members. Who can post comments, post videos, or manage channels?  That’s all up to you.   Everyone, no one, or just a few people?  The tools are in your hands.  It defaults with Members being able to contribute, and moderators control the channels. To change or review your settings,  go to your Video App and click on “Settings”.

Sidebars, an upgraded Blogs App, and a Photo App upgrade with member posting are all coming in November.  Of course, you’ll also see a few new templates along the way.

Looking forward to your comments!



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