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Next in the Fall lineup are profiles for your site members, plus the new “Members” app.  Both are stepping stones for additional features to come.

Site Member Profiles
Our goal is for your site visitors to be able to join your sites as members.  They’ll be able to login with a single identity (we call it the WebsID) and access your various site features, such as viewing protected pages, commenting on your blog or forum, and even uploading photos and videos. Of course, you can decide what to enable and what to disable – your community, your rules.

Individual profiles for site members are a critical step in this process.  They allow your website members to create their own profile that lives on your site – they can edit this at any point. You can check out my profile to get an idea of what one looks like.

Members App
You can add a new App called “Members” now, which displays all of your site members, and offers a simple management tool. To get started, just click the “Manage” button on your Freewebs Dashboard.

What do you get with this?

  • Manage incoming members and current members:Set permissions for new and current members, from Limited Members all the way to Moderators. These settings will be used in the future to determine what your members can do on your site.
    • Limited Members can view your site, password protected areas, and comment on content.
    • Members can do everything limited members can do, and also contribute to your site by posting photos, videos and more (if you enable this feature, which is coming soon)
    • Moderators can do everything members can do, plus they can modify or remove comments (like in the discussion forum). They can also moderate other content posted by your members
  • Display your members on one page with the new Members App: Just click “add a page” and choose “Members”.  If you want to protect this page from the public, you can password protect it from the “Page Options” dropdown.
  • Manage your Member Settings: You have the ability to set whether new members need to be approved or whether they’re automatically accepted, what permission level new users start with, and who can invite other members to your site.
  • Invite members with ease: You can now import contacts from Hotmail, Yahoo, and Gmail. Use this for quickly inviting members to take part in new community features on your site.
  • Send Email Blasts: Your members are also on your Mailing List, so you can send Email Blasts to keep them coming back.

This is all new, so we need to hear your feedback. What you like, what you don’t, and what new features you’d like to see.


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