Groups to Get a Facelift

Coming Soon

Next week, you’ll see a revamp of Groups.  We’re handing Groups over to you all, the site owners, making it a place where you all connect with each other, link to each other’s sites, and discuss topics that are important for your group.  For example, fans of a specific game might create a group or dog breeders or soccer (football for some of you) teams in the same league, or people with a passion for saving horses.  The possibilities are infinite.

How it works.  A Group is created by one person who invites other site owners to join, manages membership, posts recent news items on the group page and keeps things clean.  Group members post comments on the group page and everyone can send messages around to each other when posting just isn’t enough.

Each member has the Group Badge posted on the bottom of the homepage of their site.   The  badge links to other sites in the Group creating a ring of sites (that’s what the previous and next arrows do).  Web rings anyone? The images you see are pulled from the Profile page and are they same ones that appear when you post to this blog.   The badge also links to a public group page.  That’s a page where others can learn about the group and the member sites.  Search engines can also find that page and that means more traffic for everyone.   Here’s a link to what the badges look like. [LINK]

Expect more images to see how this all comes together later this week.



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