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Today we launched a new members’ home page.  Why a new Member Homepage?  Good question.   The new page displays the information a site owner needs to see immediately and here’s a run down of what that information is:

Account type.  Free? Ad Free? Starter? Enhanced? Pro?  Domain? It’s right here.  If you have more than one account, this is very useful.

Site Members.  How many?  You’ll know.  Need to manage your members?  Easy, there’s a link directly to that page.  This feature will become more important as more members join your site.

Edit my site.  One button to take you to edit.  Clean, easy and the one replaces the five that occupied the space before.

Notifications.  Messages waiting for you?  You’ll know in a glance when the “my messages” icon lights up.  Yes, that was there before, now it’s moved a bit.  If you’re wondering why so much space, that’s a good question.  Over time, you’ll find more notifications there.  More on that later.

Recent activity.  Activity that occured on your site over the last 7 days.  Blog comments, forum topcis, forum comments, guestbook comments, shout box comments, private messages, etc.

To check out a screen shot, here’s the [link].



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