June Updates

June Updates

June has arrived!  And, with June, what to look forward to at Freewebs?  Calendars!  Background images for Web Stores, Photo Galleries, and Videos!   Plus, a few new templates.

Calendars.  Have you been looking to include a calendar on your site, maybe for your school, scout group or family reunion site?  Maybe for your business?  If so, take a look at the calendar that’s in development (meaning not yet completed).   Right now, the functionality is fairly basic: multiple views (month, week, day, all events) and add, edit, and delete events.  That’s the basic framework and we’ll be adding more functionality throughout the summer.  In today’s usability sessions, the calendar performed well.  We’re excited.  There’s a basic calendar on my site so you see what it looks like.  [Calendar link]

Site Designer, background images and more.  (Some of you have already read about this.) Soon you’ll have a new tool to edit the global look of your site and we’re calling it Site Designer right now.  You’ll be able to test out new looks before changing your site.  Imagine trying on a few new templates, a background color or images, a new site title or tagline or site footer.  Intrigued? Interested?  [Take a look.]

And, a few new templates too!  You’ll see those toward the end of the month.



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