May Update

May Update

These first months of 2008 have been busy ones at Freewebs.  In fact, so busy that we never had time to talk about Video Galleries!  Yes, we posted a few comments, but the new feature never received its own Blog post.  Time to remedy that.

Why a Video Gallery?  Photo Gallery turned out to be a popular new feature.  So, we thought, how about doing the same thing only for Videos?  Sounded like a good idea.

What are the features?

  • Multiple Channels. Channels are like photo albums.  They provide a place where you can group videos together.  All the summer vacation videos on one channel, all the wedding videos in another and all the pet videos (for example) on another.
  • Multiple sources. Pull in a video from anywhere!  Upload a video from your computer directly to Freewebs or provide the URL from whatever location or search YouTube or provide embed code.   Your choice.
  • Letting people know more.  For each video, provide a title and a description of the video so they know a bit more about it before taking a look.  Shortly, you’ll also be able to provide a custom thumbnail image if you’d like.
  • On your Site.  On your Gallery page, you’ll find a collection of thumbnails for the videos.  And, if you want, you can always add a channel or an individual video directly to your nav bar by clicking on Page Properties in the blue bar.  Your site visitors can comment on each video too.

Add a few videos to your site (or a lot of videos) and let us know what you think.  Now, let’s talk about the next few weeks.  Look forward to a few new templates, multiple images per product for Web Stores, and reordering products.

Happy site building!


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