April Update on Web Store, Forms, and More

April Updates

At Freewebs, we’re busy with new features for Web Stores and other enhancements to make Freewebs easier for you.  Let’s start with Web Stores, recent enhancements include:

  • Product labels for New, Sold Out, Coming Soon, plus the ability to hide and item. Sold Out and Coming Soon remove the “Add to Cart” button.  Hide allows you to add products to your store before you’re ready to make them live.  All useful features.  To see how they look check out this sample store here.
  • Store description, store policies, and PayPal instructions.  You can now include all of these, just go to Store Settings.
  • Little changes.  Paragraph breaks now display.  Plus, you can delete products directly from your store front and you can add new categories directly from product update, not just in store settings.

And we’re not done!  Additional enhancements that we’re working on include multiple photos per product, shipping costs, and background images.  We expect all of these to go live before the end of April.

A few of you have asked for changes to the Freewebs forms that would make your life easier.  In response to your suggestions, we’re making changes to spam protect forms and providing a submission counter that let’s you know how many form submissions you have left during the month.  You’ll find that on the My Account page.  Plus, when your submissions are running low, you’ll receive an email notification.  The email notification isn’t live yet but will be before the month is out.

And, if all that’s not enough,  there are a few enhancements for Photo and Video Galleries in the works as well.



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