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Hello all, Haroon here giving you a quick update.  Many premium members have been asking for an easier way to create a store.  So we built a product specifically for you called Web Stores.  Its still in beta but we wanted to release it quickly so you guys could start using it.  This is premium product, meaning that free users only have access to limited features.

With your new Store, you will also get the following features:

  • Organize products in categories
  • Add options to each product (ex: colors, sizes, etc.)
  • Customize your payment complete and payment cancelled pages
  • View/manage cart page (on your site) with the ability for your buyers to manage items in their cart before checking out (which happens at paypal)

Here’s how to use the new Web Stores product:

  1. Add a store to your site with the quick link new icon on your Site Manager page.
  2. Visit your “store settings” to add your paypal email address for payment processing
  3. Add products to your store quickly and easily using the “add product” button

Remember that the product is in beta, so if you have problems or suggestions, let us know.  Here’s a few more features that we already have planned to add:

  • Product/Item Status (new, on sale, sold out, hidden, etc.)
  • Support for custom CSS templates

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