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At Freewebs, we’re busy with Spring launches and sprucing up the services you already use.

Some of you sell items like quilts, crafts, jewelry, and such on your site.  You upload images of your products, the pricing and then link to PayPal to manage check out.  The process can be cumbersome.  We thought we could make creating and manage product sales fun and easy.  So, you’ll soon have a web store to add as a page type to your site.    That’s coming in early April.

You loved Photo Galleries and so did we.  Then, we thought, how about a Video Gallery?   It makes sense.  If you have a Photo Gallery for your photos, then how about a Video Gallery for your videos?  That’s coming  in April too.

More templates.  Yes, we’re continuing to design and code new templates.  And, thank you all for taking the survey.  Based on survey responses, we’re making it easier to pick a template and see what your site will look like with a template BEFORE you apply it.   That’s most likely late April with a new template or two every week.

For Photo galleries, enhancements are coming, some next week and some the week after. Watch this space for details.

On Monday, I’ll post some images so you see what the Web Store and Video Gallery  features look like.



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