New Templates!

This Month

We have a few new templates for you this month and here’s the first installment of many templates to come.

First, there’s Fabrics.  This template comes in three motifs (colors), blue, gray, and tan, and the template supports a site picture/logo.  Yes, that you could be you in the photo.  This template is live now.

Next, there’s Chalk.  Looks just like a and old-fashioned chalkboard complete with eraser.  There are five motifs:  blue-black, green, pink, purple, and red.  The crayons image can be changed to customized site picture / logo.  Chalk goes live tomorrow.

You want more?  Of course you do!  The next two templates are Clipboard and Sailing.

A few people have asked about Premium only templates and designing templates for Freewebs to use.  We’re thinking about those ideas too.  Would love to hear thoughts on what you’re looking for in a template.  Post them here!  Feeling shy, send me a private message.



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