Photo Galleries

Photo Galleries

Freewebs Photo Gallery BETA live! Freewebs launched photo galleries last Tuesday and we’re really enjoying seeing how Freewebsers are using it to express themselves.

There are many breeder sites that make us want to adopt a puppy [here’s one gallery] until we saw Help Save these Northern Ontario Horses [see gallery] and now we’re thinking of saving a horse.  Do you have a small business site?  You’ve got to see Oakland Flooring’s use of the photo gallery to sell flooring [see gallery].

Why all the fuss?  The new Photo Gallery is fun, easy and takes photo sharing to a new level.  Here are few of the features we love and you will too.

* Display multiple photo albums on a single gallery page. You no longer need a separate page and link for each of your albums (although you may still add albums as separate pages too).

* New multi-photo uploader.
Check out the new multi-photo uploader, perfect for uploading 20, 30, or 50 photos at once.   Uploading is so easy that a few Freewebsers  have albums with 100 photos!

* Drag and drop. Organize the photos in each album by simply dragging them with your mouse and organize the albums in your gallery the same way.  Soooo easy.

* Comments on photos.  Photos support comments for friend and family to share their thoughts.

* Slide show powered by PicLens.  Full screen slide show to highlight the beauty of each photo.  To view, visit an album and click on View as Slide show.  Here’s an album with photos of Big Sur. [See Album]
Photo Gallery is a beta version, so you may encounter anomalies on occasion. Post them here or let TechSupport know via the Help Center.



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