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Last week, we upgraded our domain offering to provide you all with better service, an easy to manage interface, and a simple purchase process.  All good stuff.  Here are some of the new features:

  • Easy, easy, easy.  Purchase, manage, and transfer domains for your website(s) without leaving Freewebs.
  • What about attaching domains for Domain customers?  Still on the radar.

SiteBuilder.   Our mission to make SiteBuilder the most stable application ever continues.   If you see white pages in SiteBuilder or the SiteBuilder doesn’t load or the page hangs or anthing else that’s odd … we want to hear from you.  Live Chat, a message using the Freewebs message system … smoke signals.  Whatever it takes, just let us know.

Photo Galleries. Would you like to include multiple photo albums on a single page?  Upload many, many photos at once?  Manage multiple photo albums from a single interface?  We would.  We working on a new feature called Photo Galleries and looks pretty good.  More to come.

We continue to upgrade the back-end of Freeweb and you’ll see a few new templates in March.

That’s it for now.



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