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Welcome to another week!  Here’s what’s going on this week at Freewebs.

Upgraded Email Notifications. We had a soft launch last week and, based on learnings, we turned it off, made a few tweaks and are now live again.  Take a look and see what you think.

New Support Center. The new support center is live (as you know).  The TechSupport team loves it and we hope you all do too.  Live chat is back too.  Do I hear a few cheers out there?

Domains. You know we’re working on this.  We’ve entered into Quality Assurance testing and then you all will need to take a look and tell us what you think.   We are looking at the attach domains suggestion posted last week.

SiteBuilder. Did that content options box get in your way?  Well, it got in ours, so we moved it over a bit.  A small change that makes life just a little bit easier.   For everyone who loved our Classic Editor, you can now select which editor you want to use: Classic or New SiteBuilder.  It’s on the Site Manager page.  We’re tracking down what blocks SiteBulder for some people.  If New SiteBuilder is a blank page for you, contact us!  We’re on a mission.  If you see white pages in SiteBuilder, it doesn’t load, it hangs … in short, if anything happens that makes it inoperable, we want to hear from you.  Live Chat, a message using the Freewebs message system … smoke signals.  Whatever it takes … let us know.

Fun Widgets. And, of course, there are always ad deals which are deals that bring revenue in the door and we like that here.  Our most recent widget is for Ford Focus.  It’s voicemail widget for your site.  Check it out here.

An early Happy Valentine’s Day to all!



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