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February Updates

January’s over and February, shortest month of the year, is in full swing.   Here’s look at what we’ve been talking about and working on most recently.

Freewebs Member Featured on Oprah, People & Today Show
Congratulations to fellow Freewebser, Lynn Bering! Lynn was featured in national press for her inspirational weight loss success, from size 30/32 in January ’05 to size 6/4 in January ’08.  All documented on her Freewebs site that’s been around since 2005.  Photos from ’91 and on, a blog, links to weight loss blogs and sites Lynn recommends, a blog, Oprah experience and more.  Check out her site.

In development …

Upgraded Email Notifications. Before the end of this week (assuming all goes well), you’ll be able to manage email notifications about what goes on on your Freewebs site from a central location.  If there’s a new blog comment, new forum comment or topic, new private message, new Shoutbox post or new guestbook signature on your site, you currently receive an email.  By the end of this week, you can manage those mailings to your exact preference.  Receive a daily or weekly summary for all of them or just some of them or maybe you’d like to turn all of them off, you can do that too.  I’ll post more about that when it goes live.

New Help Center powered by Parature. The TechSupport team is loading up the knowledge base of the new Help Center.

Premium Services and Domains. On my last posting, I mentioned that we’re making it earlier to manage, purchase and transfef domains on Freewebs.  Take a look at the screen shots for the new Manage Domains, Purchase a New Domain, and Review Your Order.

And, of course, there are always ad deals.  You might want to check out the two widgets we recently launched.  There’s the widget for Huggies where you create a Baby Countdown widget.  Everyday, it tells you what’s going on with the mother and the baby.  Check out the widget here.  Next, there’s the Herbal Essences widget where you create a Long Term Relationship Quiz for your friends to take and you can learn more about it here.

To see screen shots if Email Notifications, the new Help Center, and the framework for Domains, check out this photo album.  I’ll find a better format for these next week, but wanted to get this out to you all as soon as possible.  Enjoy!

That’s it for now.



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