Three Ideas For Small Spa and Salon Marketing

Salon and spa owners looking to create an effective marketing plan for their business enjoy one major advantage: people love their services. Unlike a dentist office or an auto body shop, salons and spas sell themselves to a certain extent because they offer services that people look forward to. Your challenge is not convincing people that they want or need your product, it’s convincing them to come to you to purchase it instead of a competitor.

How do you do that? Of course you want to utilize all the marketing channels available to you – social media, a great website, local search – but beyond that, here are three ideas to take your marketing to another level:

Offer Exclusivity:
Use your social media profiles and email marketing program to reward your most engaged customers. People who have already requested a relationship with you are the audience you should be putting most of your time and energy into. Create special offers or signature services available only to these people, and you’ll not only get more business, you might also get more customers joining your mailing list and social media followings.

Reward Loyalty:
Loyalty rewards programs are an excellent way to combat the only objection people can raise to purchasing your appealing services: price. While your current customers know that your services are worth the cost on occasion, it can be challenging to get them to come in for repeat services on a regular basis. Offering a loyalty program that rewards them for coming in more often can help overcome this. For example, you could offer a punch card that entitles the holder to a free luxury cream when they come in for 5 facials. You could also offer discounted rates on multiple purchases, such as 5 massages for $300 which would cost $375 purchased separately.

Request Referrals:
Referrals are one of the best values in marketing. Getting clients who are already supporting your business to do free advertising for you is a win-win for everyone. A “Tell A Friend” campaign might offer your current clients a discount on their future services for every friend who comes in and gives their name. Salons and spas also have the option of the always popular “Bring A Friend” campaign, in which your current client and a friend can come in and enjoy services together, and both receive a discount or a special perk, like champagne or a free gift.

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