Taking Advantage of Your Optometry Website

Not so long ago when a person had trouble with their vision and needed glasses or contacts, he or she would visit a local optometrist. When it came to choices for consumers, they either chose John or Jane Optometrist down the street.

Today, things have changed. Optometrists face competition from large national chains like WalMart, they face increased consumer comfort with buy products online from companies like 1-800 Contacts and they face a consumer shift from more personalized shopping towards faster more efficient retail environments.

How can you fight back?

According to a recent Bain & Company report, the majority of consumers still prefer their local independent optometrists for comprehensive eye exams. This is good news for your business!

Marketing plays a critical role in whether or not independent optometrists will survive the onslaught of new competitors. Essential to your marketing strategy is your practice’s website.

Is your website working in your best interests? Here are some key questions to consider:

  1. Does your website prominently and accurately display your current address, driving/walking directions, links to social media, hours of operation and phone number or email?
  2. Does your website provide visitors with a virtual tour, display pictures of staff, include your bio, share patient testimonials or answer frequently asked questions?
  3. Does your website allow visitors to schedule appointments online, inform new patients of what to bring and expect on their first visit or allow them to complete important paperwork ahead of their visit?

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