Website Tips for Lawyers and Attorneys

It’s the job of an attorney or lawyer to serve their client(s). But, before an attorney or lawyer can serve his or her client(s) they must first acquire them. Being an attorney can be a tough job. Fortunately, technology has made part of their job a little easier.

Networking events, social media, SEO, paid search, blogging and other online marketing practices are the new normal. Now more than ever it’s important for an attorney to have a web presence. Without a website or web presence, marketing a legal practice or law firm online is next to impossible. An attractive website and well planned/executed marketing strategy can help you build a solid, sustainable legal marketing pipeline.

Here are some tips for building a professional website for your law office:

  1. Keep It Simple – When it comes to web design, less is more. A clean, simple, professional looking website will make sure that you primary message comes through loud and clear. The Myla Nevaeh Photography website is a great example.
  2. Speaking in Pictures – One of the hallmarks of a great website is beautiful imagery. Finding high quality, reasonably priced photos can be a challenge. Some of our favorite low-cost stock photo providers include BigStock, Deposit Photos and Dreamstime.
  3. Fantastic Fonts –Choosing the right font for your website is important. Among other elements on your page, your font is one of the first things a visitor sees and many will make the decision (in part or in whole) to stay or leave based upon the ease or difficulty of reading text on your site. Some of our favorite font providers include Google Fonts, The League of Movable Type, Lost Type and Font Squirrel. Happy font hunting.

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