Marketing Your Dental Practice

As a dentist, your primary concern is the care of your patients. It takes a clear head and a steady hand to give your patients the type of care that they deserve. The last thing on your mind is your website (if you have one) or marketing.

Regardless of the type of office you run, no dental practice is immune to patient turnover or external factors e.g., an economic slump. Therefore, it’s important to have a steady flow of new and returning patients. How can you attract new patients and keep the ones you have, happy?

Here are some tips to help you more effectively market your dental practice:

  1. Your Website Is A Marketing Tool—Use It. If you don’t already have a website, it’s important that you get one. Use your website to give a virtual tour, post pictures of staff, show your bio, share patient testimonials or answer frequently asked questions. No idea where to get started? Check out Webs drag and drop Sitebuilder.
  2. Getting Social with it – Yes, Facebook and Twitter are the two of the largest social networks around, but we encourage you to zig where your competitors zag, by utilizing Pinterest or Instagram, instead. Either website will allow you to share images with patients and vice versa. This type of sharing between you will easily develop a relationship and build strong loyalty.
  3. Email – Marketing’s Swiss Army Knife. Email marketing is a versatile tool that can both help a dentist office retain loyal patients and acquire new ones. Use email to do things like spotlight success stories, share dental tips to help patients keep teeth and gums healthy between visits, announce office events, promote new dental services or ask for referrals.
  4. A Review is Worth a Thousand Referrals.  67% of local consumers have consulted online customer reviews of local businesses. Reviews can mean the difference between a new patient for your dental practice and one for your competitors. If your dental practice is not already listed and reviewed on Yelp, Google+ Local or Angie’s List, drop what you’re doing and sign up, today.

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