Informative Marketing for Chiropractic Offices

Though modern chiropractic was founded over a century ago by Daniel David Palmer, this specialized field of manual therapy faces much scrutiny today. Chiropractors must fight opposition from the medical community, fight opposition from health insurance providers and fight the proliferation of misinformation by mass media.

As if the misunderstanding around this profession isn’t enough of a challenge, chiropractors must also face the challenges that come with running a business. Due to confusion and misinformation regarding chiropractic care, prospective patients often require education regarding the history of and benefits of chiropractic. Therefore, when creating a website for your chiropractic office, it’s important to include the following or similar sections on your website:

–      What is chiropractic?

–      How does chiropractic work?

–      Is chiropractic right for me?

–      FAQ’s about chiropractic (include accepted insurance)

–      Our chiropractic care process

–      What to Expect During Your First Visit

–      Medical Partners (include practice logos and testimonials of local physicians, therapists and specialists to whom you refer patients)

–      Patient Testimonials (minimum=text w/picture, ideal=high quality video)

Here are a couple of ideas for expanding the local reach of your chiropractic office:

  1. Build relationships with medical doctors, therapists (physical, sports, ect.) and medical specialists in your community by referring patients back and forth to each other, depending on medical need. Take this strategy to the next level by inviting members of your local medical community to lunch (at your office or a restaurant) and get to know them. This goes a long way.
  2. Join your local area Chamber of Commerce, join a local Meetup group or attend Eventbrite events. Take this strategy to the next level by requesting to give a talk at events. Focus your talk on practical, helpful tips that can benefit your audience without selling your chiropractic services or if the event is more business oriented, share the story of how you built your practice along with actionable tips that others can take away and use in their business.

Below you’ll find practical marketing and website building tips to further expand your chiropractic business.

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