Email Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

In recent years, creative marketing for real estate agents has become increasingly important. As the economy experiences its ups and downs, it’s crucial to have a well-planned, personal marketing strategy in place to keep up with competitors and vie for the attention of the homebuyers and sellers in your area.

One of the cornerstones of your real estate marketing plan should be your email marketing program. As you know, home buying is a process and it can take a long time for clients to find just the right place. Especially as home listings become increasingly available to buyers on the web, it’s key to maintain strong relationships with your clients and potential clients.

Start by finding the email service provider (ESP) that’s right for you. Companies like ConstantContact offer different levels of service (and cost) so you can find the one that fits your marketing budget pretty easily.

Next you need to start building your list. Have links on your website, social media, and networking sites that encourage people to join your list for updates. Ever new contact you make should go in as well.

Stay in touch not only to advertise available lists, but also to stay at the top of your contacts’ minds. They might not be ready to buy or sell right now, but when they are, they’re far more likely to call you than someone they’ve had no contact with. You can send things like:

– Newsletters

– Alerts for new listings

– Blog articles that you write for your website

– Helpful articles you find on home décor, maintenance, etc.

– Invitations to special events you host like, Open Houses

One final tip: studies show that great house photos have become one of the single most important factors that influence homebuyers. So make sure all of your communications include bright, colorful, engaging photos of homes – either taken buy you with a good DSLR camera, or buy a local freelance photographer. Either option is a great investment that will pay off with your clients.

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