Online Portfolio Websites for Interior Designers

As an interior designer, one of you most important assets is your online portfolio website. Not only does it show potential clients your style and your skill set as a designer, it’s a great way for people to find your business who might not otherwise have come across you. In addition to beautiful pictures of your design, you website can show what design style you specialize in, what your taste and style is like, and how skilled you are. It should also include your contact information and could also include your fees as well.

Another benefit of your website is showing up in search engines like Google. When someone needs an interior designer for an upcoming project, they might ask friends, but in these increasingly digital times, they will be scouring the internet as well. They will check out portfolios, compare prices, and contact people for their availability, all via the websites they find on search engines like Google.

Think of expanding your online presence with an interior design blog. Keeping readers up to date on projects you are working on as well as trends in the interior design industry can help reinforce your expertise in the area and drive additional traffic to your website – which can translate into additional business for you!

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