Your Online Photography Portfolio

If you run a small photography business, your most important asset (outside your camera bag) is your online portfolio website. Not only does it show potential clients your style and your skill set as a photographer, it’s a great way for people to find your business who might not otherwise have come across you.

Imagine trying to get a new job without producing a resume for your potential employer. Chances are, you wouldn’t even get as far as the interview. It’s the same when you’re looking for work as a freelance photographer. Your online portfolio serves as your resume to show potential clients what kind of photography you specialize in, what your taste and style is like, and how skilled you are. It might also include your “salary requirements” (fees) and your contact information.

Another benefit of your website is showing up in search engine results. When someone needs a photographer for their upcoming wedding, they might ask a few friends, but by and large they will be scouring the internet for information. They will check out portfolios, compare prices, and contact people for their availability, all via the websites they find on sites like Google. Don’t you want to be in the running? A beautiful website with proper search engine optimization can be the key to a successful freelance photography small business.

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