Marketing Your Freelance Services

When you have a small business as a freelance writer, programmer, marketer or freelance graphic designer, you share the challenges of a mom-and-pop shop without the advantages of a physical location for your company. Your business is usually conducted from your kitchen table or your local coffee shop, which is problematic when you rely on recommendations from satisfied customers as a marketing tool.

Potential clients can’t find your kitchen table with a Google Local search, and your past clients can’t locate you on Yelp to leave a glowing review. What can you do? Make a fantastic website with a robust testimonial section and great search engine optimization.

A website is the best place for your freelance business to “live” and it gives you a location on the web where people can find you when they search for related services.

Once you’ve done your search engine optimization and you’re ready to drive visitors to your site, make sure there is good marketing material there for them to find. Of course you’ll have your contact page and the best examples of the work that you do, but your best marketing tool as a freelancer is those testimonials. Ask for reviews from your happy clients – either by requesting them directly, or making sure they know that you have a place to leave reviews on your website. You can do this on your business cards, as well as your email signature.

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