Hello All, I want to inform everyone of a change we are making to our core account structure and what it means for NEW websites that are created with Webs.  As you know, in the past sites have been created with a username/password combination.  The problem with this was that for those of you with […]

Hi Everyone, Haroon here.  For those of you who don’t know me yet, I’m the CEO of Webs.com.  Just wanted to give a quick update on a few things. Stability Update First, as you know we have been spending a lot of efforts on improving the stability and reliability of the system.  While I would […]

Did you notice the small change today? Our design team redesigned the File Manager to match the new look and feel of the website. It’s very slick and streamlined. Check it out! [LINK] Irina

As you know, we are going through improvements for each of our apps. We recently updated photos, forums, and webstores. Now its time for a Calendar Update. This new release adds several new and exciting features that have come from your suggestions and requests. What’s new? RSS feeds: Visitors can now subscribe to your calendar […]

We’ve pushed out updates for all member profiles today. Now you and your users can add friends and private message each other. To see all the new features, check out a profile on your site – you should see three new sections. The Main Tab contains a profile summary, a recent activity feed, and a […]

As some of you have noticed, we pushed out an overhauled “My Account” page earlier today. This new version has been reworked from the ground up to provide you with a better way to manage your account data, while simultaneously moving towards our goal (one of many) of allowing you to link together sites you […]

Hello All, Just wanted to give everyone an update on some work we’ve been doing. As you know, I’ve taken your feedback and continue to make stability our number one priority. We’ve just pushed out two things that should make good improvements in the photo gallery and forums. For the photo gallery, this update should […]

Thank you for being so patient while we were updating our systems to make the latest updates possible. Here’s a summary of the new Photo Gallery features: –  Social Publishing: Your members can now post albums and photos. (If you let them) –  Categories: Manage your albums better by placing them in categories. –  Search: […]

The Forum app has been updated today with enhancements that a lot of your have been requesting.  New updates include: – Editing of posts and topics for moderators and site owners – Editing and deleting of posts and topics for site members (with a 10 minute time limit) – Locking of Categories – Moving topics […]

Today we launched a brand new update. This widely requested update enables you to post useful widgets in sidebars without using any code. How to add widgets to your sidebar? 1. In the Sidebar Manager, click on the “Widget Module” Button 2. The next screen will show you the Sidebar WidgetBank where you can choose from a […]


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