Today we released a few updates for the Web Store App: Custom Question Field – Special Instruction Site owners now have the option to add a custom question in a new field when adding a new product to the Web Store. You can choose to make it a requirement for a customer to answer prior […]

Did you spot the small update we released yesterday? You can now quickly and easily manage your WebsId settings all from the comfort of your dashboard! What you can edit: – WebsID (email address) – Password – Update your Profile Name, Gender, Location & Date of Birth – If you wish, you can easily delete […]

We rolled out some changes to the way international characters worked on our platform to support more characters. There was a bug with older content that had been posted so we rolled back the change.  We’ve made an update to older content yesterday and have rolled out the changes again.  We are continuing to tweak […]

We are happy to announce that today, we pushed out a filter to cut down on the number of guestbook spam comments that our users have been receiving.  This has been a painful issue for a lot of you, to eliminate the problem we have been working silently on resolving this issue.  We believe that […]

Some of you may notice a few differences here on the blog. We have updated our blog URL, and made a few tweaks along the way. You can now find us at Those of you who subscribe to our RSS feed will want to update this information to continue keeping up with the latest […]

The new site manager has been released!  With this release, we really wanted to streamline the editing experience and remove as much superfluous content as possible.  Here’s some of the changes: 1. No more big app icons on the top of the site manager.  These are replaced with two simple buttons, one for adding a […]

Couple new features we released yesterday: 1) You can now delete members right from your site.  If you are logged in as the site owner, there is a new “delete member” link on your members’ profiles.  You don’t have to be in the sitebuilder anymore to perform this action. 2) When a member is deleted, […]

Today we launched fixes and enhancements for the photo app. Here’s a short summary: Default Settings – Site owners are now able to set default album settings. What does this mean? Default album is the album in which your member photo submissions are automatically placed. If the default setting (defined in the gallery) changes, then […]

Last nights’ outage bought you new forums app enhancements!  Here’s a short summary: – Category protection – you can now set permissions on certain categories, this is really useful for creating a Moderatory-ONLY section where only mods can read and post – Auto-hiding flagged posts – There’s a new Setting that lets you choose to […]

We’ve had ups and downs over the past couple of weeks, and here is what we have to show for it. Videos – Uploading is back! After a long period in hiding, video uploading is back! You can still embed videos using a URL, or by searching YouTube, but now have the ability to upload […]


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