Do you run an Etsy store independently of your website? Did you know that you can quickly and easily sync your entire Etsy store with your website. What’s the basic idea of the application? The Etsy App syncs your entire Etsy store with your website. In a matter of seconds, the Etsy App automatically adds […]

Dapperhouse is the go-to place to find one of a kind vintage items and vintage inspired crafts. At a first glance it is easy to see why we chose Dapperhouse for the example site this week. It utilizes plenty of Webs features including: –          Etsy Store for easy product listing and Etsy integration –          Members […]

“Consumers spend 5% of their time online searching while the other 95% is spent browsing. Don’t wait for customers to search – bring them right to you.” Help make your website stand out from the rest. Take advantage of online advertising by promoting your website using custom display ads. No need t hire a designer […]

Today’s how-to tip is an oldie but a goodie. One way to make your website more personal and stand out while strengthening your brand is by adding a favicon to your website URL. What is a Favicon? A favicon is a small image next to the website address you see in the browser window. For […]

Scared? Shocked? Think I totally lost sense of reality and forgot what time of the year it is? Not to worry…  It is a steamy July afternoon here at Webs and it is the best time to start getting ready for that holiday season rush. So, is your business ready for 2010 holiday season? Here […]

As you can imagine we see thousands upon thousands of websites on daily basis. From time to time, we notice trends. Today, I would like to share with you one such trend that popped up when it comes to information contained (or more specifically, seems to be missing) from a lot of small business websites. […]

Happy Friday Everybody! Have you ever wondered how your website compares to other sites? To finish off the week we would like to share with you a bit of fun information that can help you do just that. We are a bit geeky and like to create random graphs 😉  Check out some of […]

Today we are happy to announce easy integration with Google webmaster tools in your Site Settings page. Google webmaster is a fantastic tool for monitoring your Google indexing status and improving your site’s traffic. Indexing is a process that search engine, like Google, go through on regular basis to find new content/websites. Getting your site […]

Today I wanted to give you something different in our blog and talk a bit about Bandwidth. Sounds like a scary techy word, but I assure you, it is not as scary as you might think. OK, let’s break it down… What is Bandwidth? Bandwidth is a representation of the amount of things (photos, videos, […]

There are two types of users that visit a website. The first group consists of the informed users. These individuals already know what it is that they’re looking for on a given page, and are visiting to obtain something specific. The second group is the curious users. They reach your site through a search engine […]


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