Today we added 3 new templates to our collection:  Darkroom, Luminous, and Strong.  Each template comes with several color choices for a total of 17 new designs. You can find all these designs displayed on our Webs Facebook Fan Page. Modify Your Template Today! Want to be considered for next weeks’ Example Site Wednesday? Update […]

Welcome to another addition of Example Site Wednesday where we show off some of the awesome sites that our users make! This week, we are taking look at a site that uses one of our new templates that was released last week. Korean Cooking 101 is a website that focuses on teaching visitors about Korean […]

Today we are happy to announce the addition of 6 new templates to our collection:  Camera, Serene, Dramatic, Paper, Planet Earth and Wood Planks. Each template comes with several color choices for a total of 20 new designs. Check out the New Templates: Modify Your Template Today! Not sure how to modify your template? Learn […]

Last week, we added the template “Time”, before that, “Splash”. This week’s addition are “Vector” and “Patriotic”. Vector comes in 4 different colors: Blue, Green, Orange and Red. [LINK]. Patriotic has 3 different designs to reflect the upcoming United States Presidential elections. [LINK] Take a look and enjoy! Irina

Last week, we added the template “Simple”, before that, “Clean Splash”.  This week’s addition is “Time“.  As you might expect, there are three motifs, one for each time of day: Day, Evening (or Morning), and Night. Take a look and enjoy! [LINK] Sarah

There’s a new template in town titled “Subtle”.  The background comes in five colors – green, pink, pale blue, slate grey and burnt orange.  Of course, you can always add your own background.  Take a look at the new template here.  To see what custom backgrounds look like, look at the Forum and the Photo […]

Three more templates for you: Elite Circle, Minimal and Stripes.  All three have horizontal navigation, a header image that you can customize, and feel light and airy.  Take a look and let us know your thoughts. Cheers, Sarah

It’s been a while coming and you all have been waiting.  Here you have two new templates: Outdoors Modern and Enlightened.  Throughout the summer, new templates will roll out.  Think of them as a little something to look forward to as the summer heat arrives.  You can view the new templates here. Before July 4th, […]

We have a few new templates for you this month and here’s the first installment of many templates to come. First, there’s Fabrics.  This template comes in three motifs (colors), blue, gray, and tan, and the template supports a site picture/logo.  Yes, that you could be you in the photo.  This template is live now. […]


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