Starting a small business is a dream for many people, but fear of the unknown or even the unfamiliar can keep that dream from becoming a reality.  Not knowing how to attract customers, create a small business website or engage in marketing a small business can hold even the most enthusiastic would be entrepreneur back. […]

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the Small Business Success Summit in Baltimore, MD. The highlight for me was hearing Rudy Giuliani speak about small businesses, which he believes are the backbone of our economy and of America. His talk focused on the leadership qualities that he thinks are important for small business owners. […]

Today instead of showcasing an example site we are going to switch things up for a week and offer you something different. Have you ever wondered what the Web office looked like? Well if you’ve seen our tour of the Webs office, you’ll probably note that the Webs team functions in a very unique environment. […]

Business owners in all industries are being relentlessly pressured to “get on Twitter.” Everyone from management gurus to tech advocates discuss Twitter as if it were the “missing link” to success, without which you cannot possibly prosper in the 21st century business world. Yet like most business trends and fads, just tweeting for tweeting’s sake […]

Few things are more important to a company’s online success than a good domain name. Otherwise known as a web address, a company’s domain name is the Internet equivalent of its phone number. It is how prospects and customers find, learn about and interact with businesses on the web. But unlike phone numbers (which follow […]


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