Today we are announcing that we have updated the time stamps in the forums to properly display the time based on the timezone of the site owner. Now, when you are posting in the forum on your site, you will be able to see the time properly reflected based on your timezone. How to use […]

We launched 4 new Facebook widgets! You may have already seen that Facebook announced their plans to “make the web more social”. Along with these plans, they also announced that they will be making various Facebook features available on other websites. Well, Webs is proud to announce that we will be making these features available […]

We have added a new feature to our Photo Gallery which is a Slideshow only mode. Choosing the new setting will streamline your gallery page to show just your albums.  And clicking on the album will bring up the slideshow (no intermediate pages, individual image pages, etc.).  Other links that are more useful for the […]

We are proud to announce the launch of Facebook Connect integration on the Webs platform! You can now harness the power of the world’s most popular social network to enhance your sites’ community interaction, bolster site traffic and drive brand awareness. How does it work? The new Facebook Connect feature allows for a smooth, seamless […]

We are happy to announce that today, we pushed out a filter to cut down on the number of guestbook spam comments that our users have been receiving.  This has been a painful issue for a lot of you, to eliminate the problem we have been working silently on resolving this issue.  We believe that […]

We are proud to announce a brand new addition to our  App Store today – the Video Blog!  If you have ever wanted to share your thoughts by video on a regular basis with your visitors but thought that video blogging was too complicated… it’s time to think again! Sharing your thoughts by video couldn’t […]

We are proud to announce a brand new addition to the App store – Locations App. The app is perfect for all business owners and is designed to make giving directions for your business quick, simple and professional. Add your address, contact information, hours of operation and more. With built-in mapping software powered by Google, […]

You can now use your Webs credits to purchase extra bandwidth for your free sites in the credit shop. Couple Key Points: – Bandwidth amount is added on monthly basis – Purchases are stackable – you can buy each one multiple number of times – Purchase bandwidth expires after 12 months of purchasing Where to […]

You can now use your Webs credits to purchase unlimited number of pages for your free sites in the credit shop. Couple Key Points: – Unlimited number of pages can now be bought for 800 credits – This item is only available for non-premium sites, since premium users already have unlimited pages – Unlimited number […]

Yes we now have Apps! We are proud to announce that is launching an App Store.  The App Store offers you an easy place to find and install new Apps for your sites.  While some apps are designed by Webs, several have been developed by third parties exclusively for Webs users!  The store has […]


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