Another Wednesday is here and we are super e excited to showcase a website dedicated to creating quilts for a charity. Knitting Squared is dedicated to creating quilts for Project Linus and even though they are still working on building out their site, we think Knitting Squared is off to a great start:

Knitting Squared is a simple website that makes it easy for visitors to find helpful information. This is achieved through intuitive website navigation that isn’t overcrowded. READ MORE

Nowadays, GPSs help us get from point A to point B, with minimal effort necessary on our part. However, your website’s navigation should be so intuitive that your visitor shouldn’t need any help getting around. When visitors come to you website, they are undoubtedly looking for information about your company or product. If your information is too hard to find, they will bolt. This is why it is important for your site to have a navigation that is highly intuitive.

Navigation Bar

One of the most important factors determining your site’s navigability is its navigation bar. This bar can either runs across the top of your website or on the side, depending on the template you selected. Navigation bar displays the titles of the various pages you have added to your site. Your navigation bar should not be too crowded or too sparse. What is the ideal number of links you should strive for? Try keeping the link count between 5-7. If you happen to have more than seven pages on your site, you should organize related links together into drop down menu options. Note: Make sure that your pages are under the appropriate category. For example, you don’t want your Calendars page organized under your FAQ section. Check out our video on drop down menus for more information on how to add them to your website.

Research has shown that the average visitor spends 8 seconds on a site before deciding whether or not to leave. What does this mean for you? This means you only have 8 seconds to impress and inform a potential customer before they ditch your site for good. A good first impression is vital to your business’ site, and you only have one chance, and eight seconds, to make it.

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With this being said, you may be wondering what should or should not appear on your website’s homepage. Below we have outlined what to include and how to include it. READ MORE


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