Last nights’ outage bought you new forums app enhancements!  Here’s a short summary:

Category protection – you can now set permissions on certain categories, this is really useful for creating a Moderatory-ONLY section where only mods can read and post
Auto-hiding flagged posts – There’s a new Setting that lets you choose to auto-hide posts after a certain number of flags.
Forum search – now searches the entire forum even if you are within a topic
General speed and stability improvements READ MORE

The new Member Forum is finally here! This new forum is replacing the current open forums, and will house both our Support forum and our open discussions.

Unlike our existing forum, we now have the ability to assign moderators from within the Webs Community. This is something you have requested for some time, and something we have wanted but have been unable to do for a while.

The new forum has all the bells and whistles that you would expect from a robust forum, and I have to admit that there is SO MUCH there that we will be making tweaks for a few weeks as this gets running. READ MORE

As you have probably noticed, things look a little different around here. We’ve made several changes, some cosmetic, some structural to make it easier to navigate and use our services.Also, as promised, you now have access to the new Master Dashboard.

How do you use it? When you go to, instead of logging in with your site’s username and password, login with your WebsID. Your WebsID is an email/password combination and is what you use to join and access your website. (if you don’t have a websID, you can sign up for one by visiting: http://[your site here] READ MORE

Friends and Private Messages

We’ve pushed out updates for all member profiles today. Now you and your users can add friends and private message each other. To see all the new features, check out a profile on your site – you should see three new sections.

The Main Tab contains a profile summary, a recent activity feed, and a comments section. New to this tab is the actions box that allows you to send the user a message or add them as a friend.

The Info Tab contains a more granular look into a users profile. READ MORE

Photos Update

Thank you for being so patient while we were updating our systems to make the latest updates possible. Here’s a summary of the new Photo Gallery features:

–  Social Publishing: Your members can now post albums and photos. (If you let them)
–  Categories: Manage your albums better by placing them in categories.
–  Search: Find photos quickly by searching on titles and captions.
–  Permissions: Manage what your members can do. (Use the Settings button to decide who can post comments, post photos, manage categories and who can download photos through right-clicking.  )
–  Comment Counts: See which photos have comments, and how many.
–  Quick Links: Just like forums, you can now view all recently added or commented photos with the click of a link.
–  Design changes: We’ve sharpened things up a bit for a better overall experience. READ MORE

Forum App Update

The Forum app has been updated today with enhancements that a lot of your have been requesting.  New updates include:

– Editing of posts and topics for moderators and site owners
– Editing and deleting of posts and topics for site members (with a 10 minute time limit)
– Locking of Categories
– Moving topics – by editing and changing their category
– General enhancements and performance improvements

These changes were applied automatically to everyone’s forums. Since all the changes are brand new, would love to hear your thoughts. READ MORE


Today we launched a brand new update. This widely requested update enables you to post useful widgets in sidebars without using any code.

How to add widgets to your sidebar?

1. In the Sidebar Manager, click on the “Widget Module” Button
2. The next screen will show you the Sidebar WidgetBank where you can choose from a number of categories to find widgets that suit your needs (like badges, clocks, countdowns, weather feeds, news feeds, rss feeds, and more).
3. Customize your chosen widget (if needed) and click ‘Insert.’ READ MORE


The Guestbook page has been completely upgraded to better work with the social features your sites have. Here’s a brief outline of what’s new:

– Entries which your site members post are now tied to their profiles
– Users can reply to previous guestbook comments
– Settings are available for you to decide who can post entries
– Rich text is included
– Ability to edit and delete comments
– A newer and better look and feel

Best of all, you can migrate all of your old guestbook entries over to the new Guestbook with a click of just one button! READ MORE

Webs Blogs

The blog app has been completely upgraded and revamped to better assist your site with communication to, and amongst, your members. Here’s a brief outline of what’s new:

– Better (and newer) look and feel.
– Categories to help organize your entries.
– Site Members can post entries.
– Search feature added.
– Integrated with sidebars to display latest activity.

Best of all, you can migrate all of your old blog entries over to the new Blog app! READ MORE


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