Excuse us for our lapse in bringing you an example site last week. Everybody here at Webs was caught up in our redesign, and we hope you have been playing around with some of our new features as well! Our snazzy new blog page is now the perfect place to showcase your websites! Without further […]

Not to toot our own horns, but here at Webs, we like to fancy ourselves as pretty smart people,  how else could we get such intelligent and savvy users like you? Today’s example site, however, made us second guess ourselves. Cube Depot is a website that sells every kind of Rubik’s cube you can think […]

We know that finding the perfect gift for a kid can be hard. Who knows what they are into these days and who’s to say that they will like the latest toy a month from now? The solution isn’t to run to the mall and grab a pack of socks that look like they may […]

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over and you still haven’t found the perfect gift? Well that’s okay, because we have your back this holiday season with our Example Site Wednesdays! This week we have a site that can help you find a gift for that classy, sophisticated friend of yours. The Final Touch Store […]

Continuing on with the theme of holiday gifts, this week for Example Site Wednesday, we are showing off an awesome site that offers a unique gift idea. If you know someone into gardening or wildlife, a birdhouse is a great idea for a gift – An even better idea? How about a bird mansion? Bird […]

At Webs, we know what it’s like to put off all of your holiday shopping until the last minute (hint: it’s bad!). Well, this holiday season, we are getting a head start and we thought we would let you all in on some places on Webs that are a great places to start looking for […]

It’s that time of the week again where we take a look at one of the many awesome sites that our users are coming up with and show you what we love about them. This week’s example site is ‘My Little Chameleon’, a website that is dedicated to selling personalized hand painted baby clothes. My […]

It’s Wednesday and that means we have another awesome website to show you guys. This week we take a look at Baby Blue Design, a promotional website for a design company that focuses on small businesses in Jamaica. Baby Blue Design has a simple layout, consistent theme, and utilizes some great Webs apps including:

This week we are bringing you a very special Halloween edition of Example Site Wednesday with ‘The You Show’.  Check out their Halloween theme this month: We love how ‘The You Show’ is constantly updating their website. They aren’t afraid to experiment with new apps and are always checking out new Webs features. Here are […]

This week, for our Example Site Wednesday, we focus on a site that delivers the latest news in the world of hockey and baseball. ‘HBT’ is a site that is dedicated to providing a place for people to come, learn, and discuss what’s happening in the world of these sports. Hockey/Baseball Talk does a great […]


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