We’re halfway through the week, which means it’s time for another great Example Site created by a Webs user!

This week’s site is Stockyards Saloon in San Antonio, TX. As a popular live music venue, Stockyards is likely to get a lot of questions from their visitors. It’s heartening to see that they have not fallen into the “leave them wanting more” mentality that many marketers adopt for their websites.

The rationale behind this practice of under-informing your audience is that if you provide all the information your visitors need right there on your website, they have no reason to contact you directly. The thinking there being that if you can just get someone on the phone, you can quickly sell them on what you offer and turn them into a customer.


Throughout October on the Webs blog, we’re talking about branding for your small business. Last week, our infographic offered advice on finding your Unique Selling Proposition. Today, we’re talking about Tone of Voice.

Whether you’re creating a new company from scratch (congratulations!), or you’re re-branding your current one, perhaps the best place to start if your tone of voice.

Primarily, this means the tone and attitude your writing takes on our website, blog and collateral materials. Your tone of voice is also expressed in the visual representations of your company, so make sure they go hand in hand.


Happy Hump Day Everyone!

Images usually make up a sizable portion of a website and can often communicate quicker than words. Therefore its significance, like the images themselves, can almost not be ignored. In this week’s edition of Example Site Wednesday, we will take a look at Design Kandy’s effective use of images and discuss both the importance of using images and how to successfully use them on your website.

Design Kandy is a small business that specializes in both modern and vintage inspired invitations and stationary for a variety of occasions. So, naturally, you would think that its website would use plenty of images to promote its service and preview her products. That‘s exactly what it does. The homepage has just the right amount of vibrant photos that give the visitors a vivid image of the products. Design Kandy avoids the use of too many words and does most of its talking through its images. Also, there is the obvious use of product photos in its web store.


Surprise! You are now the proud owner of a newly-redesigned LinkedIn Company Page. (Assuming that your company already had a LinkedIn presence, since you’re a savvy social marketer.)

While this is exciting news – especially since the networking site previewed the new pages in August for a few top brands – some marketers were caught off guard by the change. Whether you were unplugged from your RSS feeds for a day or two, or neglected to log into your profile last week, your page may look somewhat odd at the moment.


Every successful company has something that sets their product or service apart from the competition. The reason that customers choose that brand instead of all the other options. The way you tell the world about that enduring quality is called your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

Not sure what your USP should be? The infographic below can help you figure it out with a few questions and some real world examples.

Leave us a comment! We’d love to hear what you’ve come up with.


Whether you have an online business or just have a website for your store, providing contact information is a critical element in customer relations. It is important to connect with your customers because they are the primary contributors to your success. So, expand that communication channel and help them get in contact with you as quick and easy as possible.

For today’s Example Site Wednesday, we look at Westport Kitchen & Bath, an independent distributor of high quality kitchen and bath services, and how it does a wonderful job at providing contact information on their site.


In honor of Google’s 14th birthday last week the company launched a new initiative that celebrate their more important core value — innovation.

The new microsite — Google for Entrepreneurs – collects tools, resources, partnerships, and programs that support the spirit of entrepreneurship and address the needs of startups in the marketplace.

The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor reported earlier this year that at that time there were nearly 400 million entrepreneurs in 54 countries around the world. Are you among them?


With the holiday season not too far in the distance, I would like to dedicate this week’s Example Site Wednesday to online shopping. As it is every year, web stores and online purchasing have proven to be dominant means for shopping. This is great for all of you small business owners with online services and products to sell!

Let’s take some time to check out Play Pretty, an online store specializing in handmade clothes for toddlers, and just how effective a good web store can be.



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