Smartphones, everywhere you go now, it seems like everyone has one! People aren’t just using the internet while at home or at the office anymore. These devices are also changing the way small business can attract new customers. Have you asked yourself recently if you could be missing out on potential customers because your mobile […]

There is no doubt that the holidays have started — there is the familiar scent of pine and cold in the air, office parties are gearing up, Black Friday has come and passed — but have you thought about the shape your site is in? With everyone in the gift giving mood, customers and potential […]

Whether you’re a photographer, a personal trainer, a freelance graphic designer, a jeweler, or any other type of small business owner, you want to highlight your best work on your website. Why keep photos on your website rather than on a photo site like Flickr? A serious business must keep photos of products and services […]

For our Webs users who use Facebook for their business (and if you aren’t, you should be): Facebook recently announced sweeping changes that are going to affect the way you communicate with your fans. The biggest and first change you’ll probably notice is that your number of Facebook impressions may be going down. Why? Because–as […]

There is an old adage that “the early bird gets the worm.” Back in the 1990s, “domain squatting” was all the rage, where people not even involved with a brand would register the brand’s domain name–like the reporter who registered! Now the battle for domain names has moved over to Twitter and Facebook. A […]


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