Have you ever wanted to showcase your website right on Facebook? Now you can! If you run a Facebook Fan Page for your business website, you can quickly and easily publish your website as a new tab using Pagemodo. (Not to worry, you do not need to know how to code or design in order to use this tool).

Did we mention that it is 100% free?

To add your website as a new tab on your Facebook Page using Pagemodo you will need to utilize the iFrame tab option. This option almost magically allows you to pull your website information and display it right on Facebook. Best part, once you have connected your website using this option, it will automatically update every time you publish/update your website! READ MORE

A well-designed business card can help boost your business and brand awareness. For example, have you ever wondered why some business cards get saved while others do not? What makes a potential client pay attention to a business card over all the others? Perhaps it’s the person giving the card, or the product/service they provide. But most likely, chances are business cards that get saved are the once that stand out from the rest.

Check out the following tips to help you create memorable business card, understand how to properly present your card, and a few basic international etiquette tips to help you avoid a few known faux pas. READ MORE

This week, we are showcasing a website that represents the true essence of humanitarianism. ausEE Inc. is an Australian charity dedicated to improving lives of all affected by Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Disorder. This website is an excellent example of how to design a great non-profit website.

Let’s break-down some of the key elements the site owner executes well:

Clear Mission Statement

A good mission statement consists of a clear and concise description of the objectives for the organization. These objectives help to uniquely sets it apart from other nonprofits and makes a strong plead for the organizations’ needs. READ MORE

You may simply think of email as a means of communicating with family and friends or sending funny jokes and pictures. If you are a small business owner and this is your mindset, then you are missing out on a big marketing potential. Email is an excellent tool for marketing your small business website and keeping your customers abreast of your latest activities.

Email – Relationship Building Tool

Use email as a means of forging a relationship with customers by communicating with them and keeping the line open for feedback. READ MORE

Unless you live under a rock, you are surely aware that global warming has become a growing concern all around the world. The proof is right before our eyes in the daily news: heat waves, drought, freak storms, polar ice caps melting, etc. Most of us are not scientists who can find a magic remedy for global warming reversal, but there are some smaller things each of us can all do to shrink our carbon footprints in an effort to make a difference. The same can be said for your small business website and the environment in which you run day-to-day operations. READ MORE

Happy Example Site Wednesday Everyone!

With International Earth Day just a few days away, we thought it would be amazing to showcase one of our websites that is helping to save our beautiful earth!

Our Example Site Wednesday comes from Simply Birgit that provides organic, raw and fair trade skin care products.  Let’s take a look at their website, because the simplistic yet sophisticated beauty of this site is extraordinary.

Simply Birgit does a great job of showcasing their products by proudly displaying images of top products front and center on the homepage. This simple action allows visitors to quickly understand what the website is about and sets expectations of available products and their look. The skin care products found on this site are raw and natural, so to capture that essence Simply Birgit created a simple website that, like her products does not feature any unnecessary ingredients that throw off the main objective. We also love the ‘Call-To-Action’ message on the homepage; it is clear, straight to the point and invokes a specific reaction. READ MORE

All businesses, big or small, greatly benefit from creating a strong brand. Not familiar with what branding is? The American Marketing Association defines a brand as a “name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of them intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of other sellers.” In a nutshell, you will want to brand your small business website so that customers think of you and your goods/services when they need something.Piece of cake, right? READ MORE

Happy Example Site Wednesday! This Wednesday we are bringing to you a delectable website that features a successful family oriented business that strives to make the world a beautiful place with each creation. Boogiebabys makes personalized hand-crafted, wedding cake toppers, decorative figurines, wall letters, name plaques and keepsake decorative greeting cards.

The site owner does a great job of providing clear information on the services the website offers and the quality of materials utilized to create their products.  Additionally the website offers special promotions,  FAQ’s page and much more.  Attention to such little details is what helps to enhance the overall website visitor experience.  Looking to improve your website experience? READ MORE

This Wednesday we are going to be featuring an adventurous website that shows how you can utilize inbound links to drive your website traffic. Our featured website is Adventure Maine, where you can go to find out the many attractions Maine has to offer.

This website is chock full of information about the many things to do in Maine, and today we would like to offer a few suggestions to take this website to the next level:

  • Simplicity can help drive interaction. While a lot of relevant content is important for a website to rank well in search engines, it is important to strike a balance between content and usability. As you look at the homepage, you can see a lot going on and it can be hard for site visitors to know where to go. Discover few tips on how to simplify your homepage.
  • Alignment can help improve readability.  Did you know that a simple step of ensuring that items are aligned and easy to view on your website can improve your website readability? Thus our next tip for this website would be to ensure all content is centered and spaced correctly. Clear content can help to make your website call-to-action stand out more.  Learn how to build a call to action that can boost conversion rates.
  • Intuitive navigation can boost retention rates. If website visitors can’t quickly and easily locate specific information they are more likely to leave your website and head for the nearest competitor. Deter this from happening by simplifying your navigation bar. 3 Tips for a more intuitive website navigation.

Take today as a reflection day to look over your website one more time to see if you can apply the above mentioned tips to improve your website interaction, readability and retention rates. Think your website has what it takes to be showcased next week? Comment below! READ MORE

Small businesses in the United States always have to make sure that they file taxes in a correct and legal manner. According to the latest data, the odds of being audited if you are a small business owner are against you. Small business owners are 30% more likely to be audited today than they were in 2005.

Click on the image to view full-sized

Click on the image to view full-sized

About the Author: Irina Kabigting is Webs’ Social Media Marketing Manager. Get more from Irina on Webs’ Blog and Google+. READ MORE


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