Welcome to another addition of Example Site Wednesday, where we select a great site made by Webs users and dissect it to find out just what makes the website so great.

October is a national Breast cancer awareness month, here in United States, and in the spirit of bringing awareness to this disease we would like to showcase a great site that combines playing pool and a great cause. ‘Cues For A Cureâ„¢’ is committed to the fight against cancer and gives a portion of every purchase from their site towards helping to fund cancer research. READ MORE


Introducing the ContactMe App! If you are an entrepreneur, micropreneur, homepreneur, mompreneur this app is the perfect way to grow your business. The ContactMe App harnesses the power of your website by turning site visitors into hot, new sales leads–and then into customers–with no work on your part.

The App adds the ContactMe Button to your website, giving all visitors a direct line to you. The free, eye-catching ContactMe button & contact form encourage site visitors to submit their contact information to you. Voila, new leads in your inbox!

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ContactMe Helps You Work Smarter, Not Harder

Our favorite day of the week is here again, and we are ready to deliver the goods. This week our example site, ‘Style-Kicks’, brings out the shoe-a-holic in guys. ‘Style-Kicks’ is a great example of a simple site that just does things right.

Right off the bat, ‘Style-Kicks’ has a simple home page that catches the eye and tells visitors what they are about. Combine that with the simple navigation bar and this site is just begging to be browsed. Other important features that Style-Kicks use include: READ MORE

Did you know that Google provides great how-to articles to help small business owners and website owners figure out the tough landscape of online marketing?

Today, I would like to share with you a link to a downloadable starter guide to Search Engine Optimization. The guide uses simple to understand language that is perfect for beginners.

What is SEO?

SEO, or sometimes referred to by its full name of Search Engine Optimization, is a process that determines how your website link shows up in search engines like Google®  & Yahoo!® when people search for keywords relevant to the topic your site covers.  Following even the most basic SEO guidelines can drastically increase the number of people who visit your site. READ MORE

Another Wednesday can only mean one thing: a new example site. This week, we bring you In Style Boutique, a simple yet elegant website created for a boutique that offers unique fashions for stylish women.

‘In Style Boutique’ uses their website to promote their physical store. You may think that their website is too simple and does not accomplish much. If you take a closer look, you can see that they do a great job providing the essential information almost every website needs: READ MORE

Podcasts App

Introducing the Podcast App! If your website has a podcast or an internet radio program, this app is the perfect way to make it available on your site. All you have to do is upload the audio file, add a picture and description if you’d like, and your podcast is ready to listen and download.

Podcasts are a great way to offer unique, consistent content for your community. Create a following that will constantly be coming back to your site to check for more. PLUS! The App has a built-in player for your podcasts, so your members can listen directly on your site! READ MORE

Our favorite day of the week is here and that means that it is time for another Example Site Wednesday. This week, Ellie Inspired has caught our attention with their simple and cute website design. ‘Ellie Inspired’ features patterns and tutorials for do-it-yourself dresses. The site creator lovingly describes them as “love clothes” for your special blessing.

Ellie Inspired does a great job of utilizing Webs features including:

Forums to provide a discussion area for members. READ MORE

This week’s example site makes us dream that we had a motorcycle to go with the hip jackets KGN LEATHER sell.

The website sports an awesome design, as well as a simple layout. We are big fans of sites with easy navigation and uncluttered, thoughtful layouts. ‘KGN LEATHER’ uses several Webs’ applications to make the site engaging without sacrificing clarity very well:

  • Testimonials App to share great experiences from past customers
  • Web Store to easily display and sell products
  • Members to let loyal customers join the site and receive updates about upcoming deals

In addition to brilliantly utilizing Webs Apps, ‘KGN LEATHER’ also makes the most of the powerful social networking features. KGN uses Facebook Fan Page and Twitter widgets to add content to their web pages and drive brand awareness. READ MORE

Developing a website should be a great experience: you get to bring your business or passion to life. To give your site’s visitors the best possible experience, avoid these five common mistakes:

Stale Content.

You know how sometimes you get a whiff of staleness from something in the refrigerator, like from a gallon of milk? Afterward, will you eagerly return to that milk? Probably not. The same principal applies to your website: once people sense that your content isn’t changing, they’ll probably stop coming back. READ MORE

For this week’s Example Site Wednesday, there are actually three different sites we will take a look at. All of these sites are from loyal commenter’s of our blog posts that have been trying to get on our Example Site Wednesday posts. We just wanted to let you all know that we are listening and we deliver! Some of these sites still have work to do, others are more complete, but all of them have potential and are an awesome part of the Webs family!

Our first site takes us to a simpler time, one where we only answered to the rhythm and beats of the night. Disco Fever is the website of a dance club in New York, and they utilize plenty of Webs features. Most notably, they have an awesome CafePress Store (from CafePress Shop App) with cool products. Way to stay on top of our features guys! READ MORE


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