Continuing on with the theme of holiday gifts, this week for Example Site Wednesday, we are showing off an awesome site that offers a unique gift idea. If you know someone into gardening or wildlife, a birdhouse is a great idea for a gift – An even better idea? How about a bird mansion?

Bird Mansions sells one of a kind, handcrafted birdhouses. These birdhouses are highly detailed and they look better than our own houses. In fact, you can actually get a bird house replica of your own house if you want to! READ MORE

At Webs, we know what it’s like to put off all of your holiday shopping until the last minute (hint: it’s bad!). Well, this holiday season, we are getting a head start and we thought we would let you all in on some places on Webs that are a great places to start looking for gifts!

So for this week’s example site, we are showcasing an awesome site with a unique twist on gifts. ‘Mels Sweet Bar’ is a website that sells delicious looking…soaps. That’s right, soap. All of the soaps on the site are handmade and made to look like something delicious! Take a look around this unique site: READ MORE

Personalized hand painted baby clothes

It’s that time of the week again where we take a look at one of the many awesome sites that our users are coming up with and show you what we love about them. This week’s example site is ‘My Little Chameleon’, a website that is dedicated to selling personalized hand painted baby clothes.

My Little Chameleon does a great job of finding the right balance between having a unique custom header, that clearly presents the message about what the website does, and the simple  site layout with easy navigation. Here are some additional Webs Features they use: READ MORE

Cyber Monday is one of the biggest online shopping days of the year, and it officially marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season.

In 2009, comScore found that people spent $887 Million on Cyber Monday, and the spending trend is expected to keep growing year over year.

So, is your website ready to capture some of the Cyber Monday Spending Frenzy?

3 Tips to help you get ready for Cyber Monday:

1. Ensure prospective shoppers can find you. Your business can’t be successful if online shoppers can’t find you and the products that you offer. It’s never too early to start working on making sure your website can be found. There are several things you can do to help your site gain visibility: READ MORE

This week we are bringing you a very special Halloween edition of Example Site Wednesday with ‘The You Show’.  Check out their Halloween theme this month:

We love how ‘The You Show’ is constantly updating their website. They aren’t afraid to experiment with new apps and are always checking out new Webs features. Here are some recent features that ‘The You Show’ is using:

–          ContactMe App to help turn their site visitor to active leads. READ MORE is running the 4th Annual Mashable Awards from now until November 29th, 2010.

The Mashable Awards celebrate major innovations and achievements in the digital and social media landscape by companies, people and projects via an open, multilingual, international, community-nominated voting platform”

There are tons of various categories that you can choose from, and we would be honored if you would nominate Webs for “Must-Follow Brand”.

Quick note: For your nomination to show-up and be counted, you have to login using your Twitter or Facebook account. READ MORE

This week, for our Example Site Wednesday, we focus on a site that delivers the latest news in the world of hockey and baseball. ‘HBT’ is a site that is dedicated to providing a place for people to come, learn, and discuss what’s happening in the world of these sports.

Hockey/Baseball Talk does a great job of regularly updating the website and integrating videos and pictures in their posts to keep people entertained. The old saying “Picture is worth 1,000 words” really applies to this website. READ MORE

Did you know that there are spiders crawling the Internet? Web spiders, also known as ants, bots, and web crawlers, browse Internet sites in an orderly way. As they crawl, they notice things like words and links, and build up a gigantic table of contents for the Internet.

Search engines employ web spiders to find out what’s out there. Web spiders will have an easier time finding your site–and telling Google®, Yahoo!®, Bing®, and other search engines that your site exists–if your site contains relevant, well-regarded links.  Incorporating a lot of high-quality links helps web spiders find and identify your site, and therefore helps your site achieve higher rankings in search-engine resolts. READ MORE


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