The Forum app has been updated today with enhancements that a lot of your have been requesting.  New updates include: – Editing of posts and topics for moderators and site owners – Editing and deleting of posts and topics for site members (with a 10 minute time limit) – Locking of Categories – Moving topics […]

Today we launched a brand new update. This widely requested update enables you to post useful widgets in sidebars without using any code. How to add widgets to your sidebar? 1. In the Sidebar Manager, click on the “Widget Module” Button 2. The next screen will show you the Sidebar WidgetBank where you can choose from a […]

A lot of what we’ve been doing of late here at revolves around an idea of  Websites as Community. Beginning with the Members App, and continuing with Forums and Guestbooks, among others, we’ve been making it easier than ever to nurture and grow a website –once a dead, static repository for data and information […]

There are two types of users that visit a website. The first group consists of the informed users. These individuals already know what it is that they’re looking for on a given page, and are visiting to obtain something specific. The second group is the curious users. They reach your site through a search engine […]

The Guestbook page has been completely upgraded to better work with the social features your sites have. Here’s a brief outline of what’s new: – Entries which your site members post are now tied to their profiles – Users can reply to previous guestbook comments – Settings are available for you to decide who can […]

Now that we’ve established how to format our text in a way that pleases the reader, we can move on to planning and implementing color styles. Color can be either a powerful tool or a crippling weakness. The important thing to remember is that having a hammer does not make everything into a nail. The […]

At the Web 2.0 Summit in November 2006, Marissa Mayer of Google gave a talk on an internal study which indicated that a half-second delay in terms of page loading can cause up to a 20% drop in site traffic (a more in-depth description of her presentation can be found here for those interested). Since then, […]

There are a lot of different things one must consider when making a website. Many of these are specific to the sites purpose, but a number of general practices can go a long way towards making your page more accessible and easy to comprehend for your users. This post will focus on the styling and […]

Hey all, Haroon here.  Just wanted to give you an update on a few things that are now available and several other things we are working on. First off, as you know, we have launched our new Blog App.  If you are still using the old blog, we highly recommend migrating to the new one […]


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