I introduced myself earlier, but a few people mentioned that they had not seen my first post (comment). So I am creating a blog entry for everyone to see and understand who I am. If you want to see my original post, just scroll through to this morning at 10am.

As promised, I’m back 🙂 hopefully for the better?
Today was a pretty good day in terms of stability. On top of having had no downtime, we have been making progress on creating a more stable database. One thing that did happen last night that did affect your sites for a short period was a DOS attack from Vietnam. If you have any pull with the hacker community out there, ask them to stop. READ MORE

Did you notice the small change today? Our design team redesigned the File Manager to match the new look and feel of the website.

It’s very slick and streamlined.

Check it out! [LINK]


As you have probably noticed, things look a little different around here. We’ve made several changes, some cosmetic, some structural to make it easier to navigate and use our services.Also, as promised, you now have access to the new Master Dashboard.

How do you use it? When you go to webs.com, instead of logging in with your site’s username and password, login with your WebsID. Your WebsID is an email/password combination and is what you use to join and access your website. (if you don’t have a websID, you can sign up for one by visiting: http://[your site here].webs.com/apps/auth/signup READ MORE

As you all know, we’ve been talking about “master accounts” (the ability to manage all of your sites from one account) for a long time. We just wanted to let you know that we’re finally close to launching, and we’d also like to update you on how it’s going to work and what’s going to change.

Master accounts are built around WebsIDs. Your WebsID is the unique email/password combination that you use to sign in to your own site, and is different from the username/password combination that you currently use to sign in to Webs.com. READ MORE


As you know, we are going through improvements for each of our apps. We recently updated photos, forums, and webstores. Now its time for a Calendar Update. This new release adds several new and exciting features that have come from your suggestions and requests.

What’s new?

  • RSS feeds: Visitors can now subscribe to your calendar with an RSS feed that shows upcoming events (there’s a new icon at the bottom of your calendar)
  • Event Locations: You can now add a location to each event posted with the option of turning on a link to a Google map for quick directions.
  • Calendar Overlays: You can now choose to overlay some default calendars (examples: national holidays, religious holidays, phases of the moon) on top of your site calendar. This new feature is found in the Calendar Settings. These events added through calendar overlays can be toggled on/off. They are only on the calendar view and do not have event views. You can also import events from any calendar in iCal format.
  • Social Publishing (shared calendars): Your members can now add events to your calendar based on their permissions. You can choose the required membership level for posting one-time and recurring events from the Calendar settings (you can also turn it off from here).

We’ve spent more time on QA this time around and hope you’ve enjoyed the smoother launch. I look forward to your feedback.



PS – one thing we have not yet added is RSVPs for events. This is however something we plan on adding as well. READ MORE

What's Going on

Hello everyone,

Haroon here. For those of you who may be newer, I thought I would reintroduce myself. I’m the CEO and co-founder of Webs.com. So I just wanted to give you an update on things here at the company and some of my thoughts around some recent topics that have been on people’s minds. First, I want to say that the priority in the company remains improving our system stability and performance. We have made several investments in this area and will continue to do so. (If you are wondering why we have been scheduling maintenance, its for this reason). Beyond that, we are continuing to improve our product offerings to enable you to push your site further. With that, I want to offer some of my thoughts around the new membership functionality that we have been adding to the system. READ MORE

Friends and Private Messages

We’ve pushed out updates for all member profiles today. Now you and your users can add friends and private message each other. To see all the new features, check out a profile on your site – you should see three new sections.

The Main Tab contains a profile summary, a recent activity feed, and a comments section. New to this tab is the actions box that allows you to send the user a message or add them as a friend.

The Info Tab contains a more granular look into a users profile. READ MORE

My Accoutn Updates

As some of you have noticed, we pushed out an overhauled “My Account” page earlier today. This new version has been reworked from the ground up to provide you with a better way to manage your account data, while simultaneously moving towards our goal (one of many) of allowing you to link together sites you own.

With this revamp, we’ve consolidated some of the Profile features and included new ways to change various properties of your site, such as your “Site Description”, “Site Title”, and “Site Footer”. We’ve also incorporated some new features, like the ability to attach your site to a WebsID. Eventually, you’ll be able to attach multiple sites you own to the same WebsID, and manage them from one central dashboard – a multi-site dashboard, if you will. READ MORE

What's Going On

Hello All,

Just wanted to give everyone an update on some work we’ve been doing. As you know, I’ve taken your feedback and continue to make stability our number one priority. We’ve just pushed out two things that should make good improvements in the photo gallery and forums.

For the photo gallery, this update should fix sites who are getting an error page after trying to edit or add new pictures. In addition, it should fix any sidebars that weren’t updating. As for forums, the fix should make them faster in general and substantially reduce any errors that you were seeing. READ MORE

Photos Update

Thank you for being so patient while we were updating our systems to make the latest updates possible. Here’s a summary of the new Photo Gallery features:

–  Social Publishing: Your members can now post albums and photos. (If you let them)
–  Categories: Manage your albums better by placing them in categories.
–  Search: Find photos quickly by searching on titles and captions.
–  Permissions: Manage what your members can do. (Use the Settings button to decide who can post comments, post photos, manage categories and who can download photos through right-clicking.  )
–  Comment Counts: See which photos have comments, and how many.
–  Quick Links: Just like forums, you can now view all recently added or commented photos with the click of a link.
–  Design changes: We’ve sharpened things up a bit for a better overall experience. READ MORE


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