Hi Everyone,

We are putting finishing touches on a brand new app page called Testimonials. It is designed to help small businesses quickly and easily put up and manage testimonials they receive regarding the services/products they offer.

I am looking for 5-10 testers. Requirements: You have to have an active small business site that has testimonials and can reach out to its member base to obtain new once. It is possible that if you are selected as one of the testers that we will showcase your site as an example once the app goes live to everyone. READ MORE

Last nights’ outage bought you new forums app enhancements!  Here’s a short summary:

Category protection – you can now set permissions on certain categories, this is really useful for creating a Moderatory-ONLY section where only mods can read and post
Auto-hiding flagged posts – There’s a new Setting that lets you choose to auto-hide posts after a certain number of flags.
Forum search – now searches the entire forum even if you are within a topic
General speed and stability improvements READ MORE

The new Member Forum is finally here! This new forum is replacing the current open forums, and will house both our Support forum and our open discussions.

Unlike our existing forum, we now have the ability to assign moderators from within the Webs Community. This is something you have requested for some time, and something we have wanted but have been unable to do for a while.

The new forum has all the bells and whistles that you would expect from a robust forum, and I have to admit that there is SO MUCH there that we will be making tweaks for a few weeks as this gets running. READ MORE

Hi Websters!

On regular basis we like to showcase sites our users have created for others to see on http://www.webs.com/explore.jsp. The selection process for such sites has always been done internally by members of our staff.

This time around, we are doing things differently. We are opening up the opportunity for all of you to compete for the 16 spots available on this highly visited page!

Why you want your site listed there?  Did I mention that it receives a ton of traffic?! Placement on this page will give your site a generous boost in visitors as well as a bump in search engine ranking by being linked directly from one of our pages. READ MORE

We’ve had ups and downs over the past couple of weeks, and here is what we have to show for it.

Videos – Uploading is back!
After a long period in hiding, video uploading is back! You can still embed videos using a URL, or by searching YouTube, but now have the ability to upload your own videos as well. Within three weeks, your site members will be able to upload videos to your site as well based on your site member settings.

The rebirth of the video uploader includes much more generous video size restrictions, as well as supporting far more codec’s. The video encoder delivers higher resolution videos, and a new video player. READ MORE

Hello All,

I want to inform everyone of a change we are making to our core account structure and what it means for NEW websites that are created with Webs.  As you know, in the past sites have been created with a username/password combination.  The problem with this was that for those of you with multiple sites, it is hard to keep track of all these credentials.  So we are moving to a new Master Account system called a “WebsID”.  The WebsID is a unique email/password combination and serves as your master account.  When we finish this release, all new accounts will be created under a WebsID master account.  If you don’t have one, you can create one during signup.  If you already have one, then you can simply login and create a new website without any need to create a new account or password.  Logging in with a WebsID will bring you to a new “Dashboard” which will show you all your sites, and let you quickly jump from site to site for administration purposes. READ MORE

We have been listening, and know that Support is very important to your ability in being successful in creating your website. You’ve been asking for it, so here it is…

The newest addition to offering you more tools to understand our system are the new Support Videos. Click Support at the top right of your page and you will find our new Support Video Channel. This is just a start, and we expect to have many more created over time. Have ideas for videos? let us know! READ MORE


Hi Everyone,

Haroon here.  For those of you who don’t know me yet, I’m the CEO of Webs.com.  Just wanted to give a quick update on a few things.

Stability Update

First, as you know we have been spending a lot of efforts on improving the stability and reliability of the system.  While I would not consider us 100% there just yet, we have made some very good progress including some major upgrades to our core databases, added servers for more redundancy, code updates for better efficiency, and a new QA team for better testing.  We also updated our storage cluster today (a few of you may have noticed the hiccup) to give us plenty of room for growth.  We still have a few more tasks to complete but do feel we are well on our way to solidifying our hosting infrastructure for your sites. READ MORE

Our Blog
The blog often feels like a family reunion. Not everyone in the family shows up, but the ones that do are the ones that love each other the most. What’s odd is that they always tend to fight, or at the very least, are somewhat crazy. You love your family, so you join them in the madness. The problem is that you are bringing someone you are dating, and they are meeting the family for the first time. If our blog is our family, the one’s we’re dating are new visitors to the blog. Be passionate, be crazy, but be aware that there are new comers to the circle, and then think “what if I’m trying to make a good impression.”


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