Webs now has its own currency: Webs Credits!

What are Webs Credits?

Webs Credits are credits that you can earn and later use towards mini upgrades for your website. You can use Webs Credits to get more storage space, increase bandwidth, promote your site, and more!

Visit the Credit Shop to see all of the items you can get with Webs Credits.

How to Earn Credits?

Download our brand new Webs Credit toolbar. Then, simply perform a valid web search through the toolbar and we’ll reward you with a Webs Credit. It’s as simple as that, with no strings attached.

So, if you’re looking for a great restaurant, want to find a bike shop or need to perform any other type of web search, search via the Webs Credits Toolbar. You’ll get great search results and a Webs Credit!

Alternatively, you may earn credits by completing offers or purchasing credits directly.  Click on the Buy/Earn Credits button in the Credit Shop for details.

Don’t wait, download the credits toolbar today!


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